Okay okay, I suppose it's a SUB-title generator...

Did I miss any nouns or adjectives? Email me here and I'll throw it up there.

I feel many games and movies these days tend to have really generic and silly titles and subtitles in attempts to sound menacing. This site is intended to poke a little fun at some of those, because after a while you really can see a pattern to them.

Press the "Generate a Name" button above and try it!

Some house favorites include:

    Tom Clancy's: Rising Spear
    Call of Duty: Operation Ops
    Battlefield: Star-Spangled Annihilation ('murika)

Since I'm too lazy to make a forum-type site here, if you generate a particularly hilarious name, post it on Reddit for up/down-voting if you want.

I wanna see what you guys find! There's over 20,000 different possibilities (and counting).